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Where would you say the focus of your practice lies? *

Have you seen a trend in the firms performance over the past few years? *

Has there been any environmental factors that you feel have impacted on your firms growth / decline over the past few years? *

Perhaps you think there's just not enough people in Darwin (population), or a fluctuation in performance depending on time of year (seasonal). You may even feel that there has been political or legal events that have impacted the industry. Alternatively you may have found the regions economic growth or reliance on certain industries has an impact on your business performance.

Write a few notes on your experience for us.
How well do you know your target market? *

Could you describe your ideal client if asked to?

How loyal are your clients? *

What do you think sets an accounting practice apart from its competitors? *

In the eyes of the customer. Is it price? Value? Flexibility? How friendly your team are?

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What is your annual marketing budget

We know this is a pretty sensitive question. Keep in mind all answers are recorded anonymously and all we ask for is a rough "bracket" If you're still not comfortable answering feel free to skip to the next question.

What marketing tactics have you tried to grow your business? What tactics were successful? *

Which of the following digital marketing tactics does your practice use? *

What do you consider the greatest challenge when it comes to marketing an accounting practice? *

Industry regulations, how interested customers are in your message etc...

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When it comes to finding new clients in Darwin, what's the hardest thing? *

What marketing objectives will your practice be focusing on for the next 12-24 months? *

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